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Jorge Alberto Lloreda


About Jorge Alberto Lloreda

Jorge Alberto Lloreda is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO and President of FactorBrokers Inc. and Factor Plus located in Miami, Florida. In 2006, a year after moving to the US from South America, he founded FactorBrokers Inc. When Jorge, who has worked in the commercial finance arena for decades, started working with factoring he realized the niche industry possessed immense potential for growth. What’s more, he found that factoring was the ideal form of lending for small business owners and entrepreneurs like himself. 

In 2015, after almost 10 years of success with FactorBrokers Inc., Jorge Lloreda opened a second business, Factor Plus. His companies provide an immense range of commerciale financing options. They provide risk and coverage solutions, accounts receivable and cash management services, supply chain finance, as well as freight factoring, trade finance, and invoice factoring. His businesses work with a wide range of industries, including wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, and import/export companies all around the world. 

Jorge and his businesses stand out from financial institutions by way of their customized, flexible and innovative finance solutions for small businesses and faster turnaround period. Factoring, unlike other forms of lending, allows clients access to working capital, effectively improving their cash flow without the risk of additional debt. Small business owners can now reduce costs from bad credit losses and turn their accounts receivables into working capital. 

For Jorge Alberto Lloreda, the best part of his career is the ability to help his client’s goals come to fruition. He revels in the every day commercial deals, as well as the more difficult aspects of running a business, such as underwriting and legal challenges. Jorge credits much of his success to his ability to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. When faced with a challenge, there is almost always an innovative way to solve it. 

Before starting his own business, Jorge graduated from Boston College’s School of Management in 1988. After obtaining his degree, he began working as a broker for a well-known brokerage firm in South America. After years of hard work, dedication, and experience, Jorge became the president of a trust company in South America. There, he helped develop several A/R investment funds. 

When Jorge finds the time, he likes to escape work and spend quality time with his children, aged 22 and 26. For years, he and his children have enjoyed escaping to the idyllic scenery of Colorado and the mountains of France for family skiing trips. Whenever they can, they can be found enjoying each other’s company and the frosty, snowy slopes. 

To learn more about Jorge Alberto Lloreda and his entrepreneurship advice, please visit his blog.