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Some people say that if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life. For some people, that may be the case, but for others, the more financially beneficial option is to get a job that pays well, but they may not love. If you’re tired of working at a job you’re not happy with, consider turning your hobby into your job; whether it’s cooking, writing, playing sports, sewing, or more, turning your hobby into your job will make work much more enjoyable. 


It’s not easy to transition your hobby from something you do when you’re off work to a full-time, paying job. Consider the following questions before taking the plunge and making a new career out of what you currently do for fun.


Can you make money off of your hobby?


The point of turning your hobby into a job is to quit your current, lackluster job and earn a living on doing what you love. Will you be able to make a living off of your hobby if you turn it into your job? Will you be able to survive off the paychecks you earn from it? If not, how will you earn that remaining income in the meantime? You can figure this out by meeting with a financial advisor, accountant, mentor, or a close friend or family member to discuss your options with someone while weighing the risks and benefits from pursuing this.


Are you willing to put the work into achieving this?


It’s one thing to think about the “what if’s” of turning your dream into reality, and another to actively pursue those dreams to make them come true. Accomplishing your dreams, no matter what kind of dreams, takes persistence, determination, willpower, and the ability to keep moving forward toward your dream no matter what gets thrown your way. Write down everything you need to do to get started on turning your hobby into a job and pace yourself moving forward—just be aware of your limits so you don’t burn yourself out.


Will you still love your hobby when it becomes a job?


The most important question to ask yourself is whether or not you’ll still like what you do once you turn it into your full-time job. If art is your hobby, will you still enjoy creating art when you have to run a business surrounding it? Deadlines, marketing, and the almighty dollar can all put a strain on what you used to love, and you may end up hating it instead of loving it like you used to.


Figure out if taking your hobby and doing it for several hours a day will make you feel differently than doing it once in a while—retain your passion and love for this activity. If that won’t be the case, then turning it into your full-time job isn’t the right path for you.